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Sunday, 4 September 2011



A link to my most recent column, about the criminal underuse of Northstar by Marvel Comics. There's a few more I've done too, in this weekly series, so do go and check them out.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Stiffs/The Pride Signing

So yesterday, I met up with my Stiffs co-writers PJ Montgomery and Drew Davies, so that we could go on over to The Comic Guru, a great comic shop in Cardiff, to sign the last copies of the self-published Stiffs/The Pride preview comic we put out.


It went really very well, and was a huge success. We almost sold out...there was 8 left when I left, but am told that after that another three copies sold...so there's maybe just five more.

If you follow the above link to the Comic Guru blog, you can get to the website, and order one of the few copies left, if they are still there. And hey, they'll be signed!

It was a lovely end to see the last of those self-published, early steps into making comics going away like that. Was very cool to meet some new people and find people very excited about both books.

Can't wait for them to all start reading the series when they start later in the year.


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Why funding The Pride on IndieGoGo is a smart move

So, a friend of mine recently suggested that I write a blog, or something, explaining why funding my comic, The Pride, on it's new IndieGoGo campaign page is a great idea and how to do it.

The how is simple:

You can either fund via PayPal or balance trasfer. All money that is raised, whether I hit target or not, will get to me. And there are great rewards for doing it: just follow the links or go to Indiegogo and search for 'The Pride', click on the project, and down the right hand side are a number of perks. Select which one you want and the funding amount, and then it's a simple matter of sending payment. Simples!

As for those perks, they are the reason that funding The Pride is a fantastic idea.

All the perks are in US dollars, and as such, if you are outside the US or in the UK like me, the current exchange rate means that the funding amounts are particularly bargainous!

For those who are within the US, not only is this the best and easiest way to ensure you have your copy, as I will send them myself (as we are yet to establish a distribution source/deal out there), the prices are still incredibly low. The whole series is available for $15: now, in the stores, or on my webstore after release, the comic will retail at $5 (including postage). At six issues, that means post-release, the series will cost you $25, so using Indiegogo now you make a great saving. Of course, in the UK it's even better as you'll be paying less than a tenner!

The following is a list showing the Perk cost, the UK exchange rate price, and the estimated Retail Price:-

Perk Option:- Perk Price: UK value: Est. Retail Price
Immortalised in Print! $1 60p -
Copy of Issue #1! $5 £3.03 £3.95/$4 (plus postage)
First Three Issues! $10 £6.07 £11.85/$15 (plus postage)
The Whole Series! $15 £9.10 £23.70/$24 (plus postage)
Signed Pride! $25 £15.17 "
Personal Sketch! $50 £30.35 £43.70/$44 (plus postage)
Art from the Series! $100 £60.69 Well, whatever Gav wants to charge

It's worth noting that signed work or original art could potentially become even more valuable too, if the series does very well, or if myself or my collaborators become more known. So every perk here has fantastic value for money and potential for the future too!

So please, go to Indiegogo and help us get this fantastic, fabulous and diverse comic out to the widest audience possible! All money raised goes into improving distribution and printing more copies! If we can beat target, well, all the better!

Just follow this link, fund and use the social networking links to help spread the word!


Friday, 20 May 2011

what is the funniest joke you know?

I prefer funny experences and stories as opposed to funny jokes. That being said, The Aristocrats can be hilarious.

Ask me anything