Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Stiffs/The Pride Signing

So yesterday, I met up with my Stiffs co-writers PJ Montgomery and Drew Davies, so that we could go on over to The Comic Guru, a great comic shop in Cardiff, to sign the last copies of the self-published Stiffs/The Pride preview comic we put out.

It went really very well, and was a huge success. We almost sold out...there was 8 left when I left, but am told that after that another three copies there's maybe just five more.

If you follow the above link to the Comic Guru blog, you can get to the website, and order one of the few copies left, if they are still there. And hey, they'll be signed!

It was a lovely end to see the last of those self-published, early steps into making comics going away like that. Was very cool to meet some new people and find people very excited about both books.

Can't wait for them to all start reading the series when they start later in the year.

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