Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Pride - FabMan

So, bit by bit, I hope to tell you all a bit more about the characters, with some images and sneak previews along the way.

I'll start with probably the most visible of The Pride's characters, FabMan! Tomorrow's Fabulous Man, Today!

FabMan was born Stephen Wainright to loving parents, and was always aware he was a little different. And for the most part, he was perfectly okay with that.

He's always had an element of pride about him, and when he matured and came out as gay, he came out with a bang.

An awful lot of FabMan's life, character and outward persona became very much about his sexuality and his community. He is, by far, the 'campest' member of The Pride, but also one of the most caring, most genuine, and definitely most flamboyant.

A self-confessed 'gym bunny', Fabs keeps in shape, though his physical state is not the source of his powers. Instead, he's been infused with a powerful force that is an extension of his own pride in himself. His abilities include speed, strength, flight and the ability to generate light and in some cases heat.

Colourful, friendly, and funny, FabMan is the founding member of The Pride, and their defacto PR guy.

Below, you can see some concept art by the incredibly talented Cymon King (website is NSFW), who will be doing a one page Origin story for FabMan as part of The Pride. Above is character design work by series artist, Gavin Mitchell.

That's all I'm willing to reveal so far, for the rest, pick up the book whn it comes out! Keep checking here for further updates and more brief intros to characters.

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  1. At first i read the Fapman o_____________o

    Oh neat!!!! This project sounds veyr veyr interesting soo far. Sometimes the main character fall as plain in comic books or not inetresting but i am glad this character is been worked both in design and personality wise

    Ill be ready for more updates x3