Friday, 11 March 2011


So, we launched this comic at Cardiff International Comics Expo just under two weeks ago now (my that went fast) and it was a great success!

Aside from selling quite a few copies and merchandise at the show, we also got a lot of incredibly positive feedback. Many creators, readers, bloggers, and publishers read the book and congratulated us on creating such a professional looking product, and also bigged up our stories in the book too.

The show was a massive success, and there will be more big news to come from it even yet, so stay tuned.

But since that weekend, I've been wondering how to get the comic out to even more people. Already, it is being stocked by the Comic Guru here in Cardiff, but what about all our supporters from further afield, or who want to buy it from us directly. And so, I think I have come up with the solution:
Below, there is a PayPal button for ordering the comic. The comic costs just £4 with a £1 charge for posting (this will cover postage and packaging). Just keep looking to the bottom of the post, after the comic's Press Release and covers.

Stiffs/ The Pride Preview

Get in on the ground floor with the special preview issue for two South Wales made comic book extravaganzas!

12 page preview for the first issue of Stiffs, the story of Don Daniels, his wise-cracking simian soulmate Kenny McMonkey and his mates as they find their South Wales Valley home secretly surrounded by the undead. So what do they do? Become kick-ass zombie hunters, naturally! But there's more going on in those deep dark woods than any of them is ready for...

Plus, an original, self-contained The Pride story starring FabMan (Tomorrow's Fabulous Man, Today!) in 'It Gets Better'- an important vignette and message from The Pride, an LGBT superteam who are here for everyone! Also, the origins of two of The Pride's core members, Wolf and White Trash!

Stiffs is created and written by Drew Davies, PJ Montgomery and Joe Glass, with art by Gavin Mitchell and Adam Cadwell; The Pride is created and written by Joe Glass with art by Gavin Mitchell and Kris Carter.

These comics projects have something for everyone, and there'll be big things for both in the future! So get involved and see what you can expect ready for the Big Launch of both comics in the latter half of 2011!

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