Friday, 6 May 2011


THE PRIDE needs your help!

The comic is safe, don't worry there. However, funding the production is becoming a little much for me to manage on my payslip alone (I do have to try and live as well). As such, I have set up a new Crowdfunder account for the project.

Crowdfunder is, like the American site Kickstarter, a resource to help raise funds for creative projects by donating what you can towards them and receiving rewards in return if the project is successful. If however the project doesn't reach it's target, then everyone's donations are immediately returned.

I am hoping however that there are enough of you out there who genuinely want to see this project get made on time and be the best it can be. As such, I am relying on your help to raise the funds needed and to spread the word and help us reach target. So please donate what you can, it is so appreciated, you wouldn't believe.


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