Sunday, 20 June 2010

Slow Days (to the sound of vevuzuluhs)

So, today is one of those slow days where not much happens on the comic front. Or more accurately, from the perspective of the writer.

Stiffs is momentarily out of my hands waiting on some details to come back. I've done some preliminary planning on some other projects, including tweeting (a pretty invaluable tool for new creators to mix and mingle these days) an editor I know to see if he'd be cool with me running a couple of ideas by him. This is not something I generally recommend doing, especially not unsolicited, but if you're lucky enough to know a creator/editor well who is willing to do it unofficially there's no harm in using what contact you have.

Aside from that, there's no movement. Having a big chunk of my day taken up by the day job (how else are you supposed to fund your endeavours?) can be problematic like that sometimes.

Of course, it could easily be that projects could be coming on leaps and bounds, that artists are intrigued to work with me and composing those tentative first emails now.

Well, we live in hope.

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