Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Favorite Single Issue of any comic series ever!

God, I have so many. But perhaps one that sticks out in my mind just now was an issue of Uncanny X-Men. I forget the issue number, but it musta taken place before the Phalanx Covenant. Basically, Gambit is confronting a seemingly primitive Sabretooth (who had lost his memory and personality after being stabbed in the brain by Wolverine). Gambit is angry over a previous encounter they'd had years before where Sabretooth killed his lover casually saying 'whoops' as he drops her off a bridge. Before Gambit can hurt him, or make him remember who he is, Storm intervenes. The last page is the best, as Storm walks out of the Danger Room where Sabretooth is being held. Alone in the dark, he mutters 'whoops'.

Loved it, in part due to some stunning pacing and composition by Joe Madureira, and also the smart use of sound effects in the last page; as Storm walks away we g a 'clik clak clik clak' of her shoes, showing how echoey the hall is, but also creating a strong sense of foreboding. The issue was brilliantly timed and executed, and was the first one to come to mind when you asked that question.

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